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in a warm family-like environment
About Us...


Telesis Physical Therapy was established in 1997, with the aspiration of giving quality manual therapy in a comfortable, family-like atmosphere.  It is our belief that a person can feel better and recover quicker in an atmosphere conducive to healing.  Our staff's primary goal is to create a compassionate and caring environment so that our patients can concentrate on the healing process.

Goals of Physical Therapy: 

All patients have different needs and expectations of physical therapy.  Our goal is to return you to your most functional and pain-free level.  Physical Therapy is prescribed for many different reasons, but some common goals of Physical Therapy include Pain relief, Posture Improvement/re-education, increasing mobility to improve function, proper body mechanics, and general fitness using proper home exercises.  

Mission Statement: 

Telesis Physical Therapy was established with the aspiration of providing quality health care in a warm, family-like environment. 

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